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Máy làm sushi ASM600

Mã sản phẩm ASM600
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- ASM600CE Sushi Maker
- Nhập khẩu trực tiếp bởi Thang Long Horeca Equipment
- Xuất xứ: Japan
- Hotline: 0963.71.51.51

ASM600CE Sushi Maker

  • 3,300 rice balls can be produced per hour.

  • Incorporates an electric rice warmer.

  • Easy settings with simple display.

  • Changing size of rice balls is easy (with optional roller kit).

  • Adoption of a special resin rice hopper keeps Sushi rice at Ideal Temperature.

  • A forming roller set to make 12 rice balls producing 3,600 per hour is also available.

  • Rice ball size can be adjusted easily on the front panel.

  • The thermal rice hopper keeps sushi rice at ideal temperature.

  • Simple display panel.

  • Front cover panel, safety sensor, and emergency switch guarantee safety.

Also available:

ASM600CEWA with wasabi feed

Fast: The Sushi Maker model ASM600A is a compact commercial Sushi Maker with a turn table press method. It can produce 3,300 rice balls per hour.

Quality: Thes ASM600A can consistently produce perfect formed rice balls without changing their size and weight.

Maintenance: Daily maintenance is very easy because of the machines simple structure. Since all parts are made of high quality plastic they can washed easily.



Model ASM600
Power AC230V 50Hz
Power consumption 90W
Molding capability 3300 hr
Hopper capacity 7.5kg
Dimensions (W × D × H) mm 330 × 497 × 717.
Weight 37kg


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VPGD & SR: Số 24 Phố Nguyễn Văn Lộc - P.Mộ Lao - Q.Hà Đông - Hà Nội
Tel: (84.4) 6686.7373 - 04.6291.8285 
Hotline : 0963.71.51.51


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