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ASM230CE Maki Cutter

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ASM230CE Maki Cutter

ASM230CE Maki Cutter

  • Safe and tireless operation to cut rolls.

  • Cut edges are consistently clear and even.

  • Attached blade wiper eliminates the need of cleaning the blades.

  • Safety mechanism prevents from ever touching the blades.

  • Daily maintenance is easy.


The following cutting blades are available(optional). 6 norimaki piece blade, 8 norimaki piece blade, 10 norimaki piece blade

Safety: Self-locking handle during the preparation process and self-locking front cover during the cutting process are designed to prevent fingers or hands from ever touching the cutting blades when placing or removing a norimaki.

Easy & Efficient Operation: No electric power supply is required. The Teflon-coated blades with the built-in silicon wipers eliminate the need of cleaning the blades during the cutting process. Continuous cutting can be performed without consistently applying water or oil to the cutting blades.

Quality: The specially-designed Teflon coated circular cutting blades create clean cuts for high quality Maki.

Easy Maintenance: Exceptionally simple structure makes it easy to maintain. After the cutting has been completed, the entire unit of cutting blade unit can be cleaned safely using the brush supplied with the machine.

ASM250CE Norimaki Maker

  • Cut and return with one push

  • Twin start to for safety

  • Emergency stop button

  • New 'Dolphin' dive cut method

  • Cutter unit easily replaceable

  • Lightweight

  • Easy maintenance

  • Many plastic parts





Model ASM250CE
Power AC230V 50Hz
Power consumption 40W
Production Capacity Up to 600pcs per hour
Cut size 4pcs 45mm each. 6pcst: 30mm each. 8pcs 22.5mm each. 10pcs 20mm each.
Dimensions (W × D × H) mm 360 × 292 × 436
Weight 18kg


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